our closing day we were at ESSA Nyarugunga school.On this day we invited different people to come in our event where we invited instructor Swaga Paul,Joan,sector leaders,one of the school leaders and the organization that we worked with which is NiNyampinga .In all the above invited people,the ones that came was instructor Swaga and matron.

The way how the closing event went is that the club president shared with us the goals and objectives of the girls vision with the bright future club.Their goal is to reduce number of young girls who get pregnancy  in secondary school.The objective are being exemplary and respect themselves.The strategy that they will use is to teach their fellow students about bad peer pressure and other causes of teen pregnancy.

During this event,every group member had a role to play as it follows

Raissa was the MC of the event

Josiane was the one to say the speech as the leader and she was supposed to give the club materials to use during the club activities like books,posters and bracelets

Christine was the minute taker as she is our assistant secretary

Joyce was the time keeper of the whole event where she managed all the event and the time the group will start and ends so that the students can go back to their activities.

Reine and Fabiola were the ones to take pictures and making videos about what was going on during the event.

Pascaline was the group discussion coordinator. In the event we had different discussions about the questions the students had and we decided to divide ourselves into different groups and discuss about them.

Instructor Swaga gave a speech and he thanked the school administration for allowing us to do our project in their school, he thanked the students for their attendance and he encouraged them to keep it up and he also talked about how Akilah will give support to club to continue working effectively and even the organization which is NiNyampinga.