Social change

Issue: Poverty

Our group is holding the Social Change Project in Kagugu where we are dealing with Poverty as an issue. We went there and found that poverty is really the outstanding issue in that sector. We interviewed different people such as: mothers, street vendors, owners of boutiques people who drive motorcycles and people who sell airtime, the Executive chief of that sector who also oriented us where we can run our project confirmed that poverty is a biggest issue needed to be resolved. The assets that we have are: boutiques, bus station, community and hospital.

According to the interviewees’ answers, the cause of poverty is natural disasters because sometimes it doesn’t rain and there is lack of harvest which causes poverty. Unemployment is another cause of poverty in a way that many people spend the whole day without working and it is the main root cause that we are working on in order to reduce poverty. The effects of poverty are: children drop out from schools, hunger, malnutrition, prostitution, theft, and death. We ended by being informed that on every Friday from 4pm there is Akagoroba k’abavyeyi which is the profitable asset that will facilitate us in doing the project because we will join them and present our project and how we can work with them to overcome the poverty.

Group members are:

  1. Sano Shengero Aline
  2. Cynthia Kanyange
  3. Hygette Ikuze
  4. Diane Uwineza
  5. Mireille Uwase Nzeyimana
  6. Mutirende Beathe
  7. Gentillesse Irakoze
  8. Pamela Manirakiza