Social Change project

Our project name is Fighting against Domestic violence. As we are Akilah students and we are learning to change our society , we have seen that domestic violence is one of the most issue that women and children are facing in Nyirabwana community cell. After visiting this community we have found that what causes this is that women are being dependent to their husband and the root cause is unemployment

After realizing that in Nyirabwana community is facing this issue, we found that we have to do something about it.
As a group we went in Nyirabwana community on 13th February,2017, and we conducted the research. Some members of our group visited family which exactly facing this problem and they gave us many information about what cause domestic violence. One women called Bankundiye family said that look at their children they are spending their time praying without going to school because they do not have money to pay the school fees of their children.

We went to umurenge on 20th February to meet with some one who is charge of social affairs to give us permission to go ahead to work on our project and we asked them if they will help us and they accept.

So after all that as Akilah students we are going to create change in that community by first teaching them their right and make cooperative where they will be able to save some money which will help them to develop their families. After that we will vote one member to lead them and we will link them to NGO called Haguruka so that they could continue to work together.

Group Members

Florence Nabawesi
Nadege Nsabumugisha
Epiphanie Mukeshimana
Jolenne Murekatete
Mico Kampire Mico
Deborah Ingabire
Furaha Jeannette
Aline Ikibasumba