In week 9, we had a very outstanding experience full of challenges but helped us grow because we came up with their solutions. Again the strategy that we had when this week was starting is very different from the one we ended it having. We started with a plan of connecting Umucyo cooperative to Kiva organization that could help them with loans in order to sustain their cooperative but it was somehow impossible to be implemented in a short run. It is in this way that we shifted gears and started working with Abizeye Cooperative ( Taylors) which is working in Kinyinya. We saw that they have the technical skills of making clothes but they lack Customer Service Skills. So, we are coming up with the program that will help us to teach them about Customer Care and it will be sustainable by training a few people from them to be trainers so that they will stay training others and we will give them the certificates to encourage them.

Thank you!