We closed our social change project on Sunday on 19th March 2017. The following is how our closing day was done.

We started at 4:00pm up to 6:00pm and we had different visitors Jessy Chou as the instructor of Akilah students and the chief of Umudugudu of Nyirabwana community cell.We targeted to have 15 women but 8 women were the only who are interested in our topic. We started the cooperative  called Umunezero in Nyirabwana community where women will continue to save the money, at the end of  every week .Women will have to save 300 Rwf, we left them by having 8000 Rwf and they started their own small business of selling charcoals. All those are what we did in our project but at the closing day a woman called  Anne Nishimwe shared her story of depending on her husband and after learning what we told them she started to be independent. One member of cooperative umunezero called Godance and she is the president of cooperative thanked  Akilah students for what we did and they promised us to influence other women in the Nyirabwana community to come and join them so that they could develop themselves and their families. As Akilah students  we are very happy of what we did in social change project because we made big impact in Nyirabwana community.

Group members:

Deborah Ingabire

Aline Ikibasumba

Epiphanie Mukeshimana

Jolene Murekatete

Jeannette Furaha

Nabawesi Florence

Nadege Nsabumugisha

Jeanne Mico Kampire